Monday, January 11, 2016

Over the last few days you've seen post of aced by kristy Bromberg
This is my personal review

Omg omg omg 
I've waited like forever but this was worth it .
There are so many emotion In This story I cried , shouted cried more and was In a haze while reading a part that tore me in half .
Ry well that poor lass needs a medal and I love her more with every word I read.
But Colton I never in a million years thought I could fall more in love with this hot piece of ass but Kristy did it I'm all gogo over the fab Colton , I can't tell you why but believe  me heart strings pulled in every direction and melted heart oh yes .
Well written flowed Energy and love oozed from the pages this wasn't a story it was the journey 
Just perfect well done 


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