Monday, December 7, 2015

lace up

Stacey has a book recommendation just for you.
Check out Lace Up on Goodreads.

Ok I've just finished this book
I got it yesterday and finished today , I couldn't put it down to the point work got in my way .....
Team Ryan oh hell yes
These girls are amazing from the word go I knew I'd love em .
The airport trip is a blast .......
And Jetts team omg hot as hell and twice a typical rich boys or are they ....
You get a really good insight to the girls story and how they blend together 3 girls thick as thieves and the reason behind why they need to win .
Jett and the boys yes there preppy and all that look good but is there more .
Rose Ryan wow that girl is who I'd like to be or who I could look up to or wanna be lol .
Ok there's lots of bonuses to been rose when you read you will get my drift .
The boys are he'll bent on a win no matt what they haven't even contemplated they could loose .
This book activated my imagination and kept me captivated all the way to the very last word . I do have to say I needed more I didn't want it to end .
I wanted to see what happens after .......
This book is amazing the author is a great writer and you could tell this by the flow of the book and the intensity in some of the chapter they had me gasping and shouting all at once .
Well written a easy 5 stars

Hope and pray there's a next book


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