Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two men were infinitely better than one, an intoxicating combination if I could find it, and my greedy self-indulgence was boundless, my sexuality unleashed those many years ago with him.His shadow haunted me and shaped my obsession, the depth of my depravity deep and forged in the cafes and nightclubs and back alleys in a dozen countries with dozens of men.  Once I’d started down that roadI couldn’t stop and couldn’t go back, a dark and insatiable impulse propelling me forward and driving me into the arms of strangers like the Mohammeds and into the sweltering barren desert.   Haley   

Unable to cope with the loss of her first love, a charming and seductive Spanish soccer player, beautiful, headstrong Haley Hanson abandons love entirely.  She seeks solace in the arms of strangers and famea tumbleweed rolling where the gusts of wind carry herand she lands between a garbage bin of rotting food and a brick wall.  Stuck in limbo and near death.

Will love destroy her or conquer all?

RELEASE DATE:  April 16th


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