Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This was a gift from missy Johnson

I’ve read all Missy Johnson books .
Provoke was announced as coming soon , I contacted missy and beg for this lol .
 This book didn't just blow me away it left me totally bemused and slightly disorientated .
Missy books always knock mt socks of but I wasn't prepared for this the  book and author ........I was very unprepared for the ride Provoke took me on and the limits it took .

two main characters, a Prosecutor called Leeta, and local bad boy, Mace. Mace has a troubled and tragic past and tries to find justice for the horrors that his family have beheld. Leeta is a beautiful Prosecutor who has fallen for Mace having seen behind his reputation and family connections. Together they have a love and a passion which is threatened by the secrets that Mace has kept from Leeta. Mace loves Leeta with such a sweet tenderness that you feel it in your heart. You can only hope that their relationship and love for each other will survive the hurdles that it faces.

We do all us good girl like bad boys , of we think we do mase is my exception he's hard on the outside but soft as in the middle .

Provoke is extremely sexy and hot and Mace and Leeta cause sparks to fly whenever they are together, and even when they are apart! Have some water around to put out the fire .
A glimpse

**We were miles away, only a phone connecting us, and we were on the verge of orgasming together. It was impossible to put into words how intimate this moment was.***

Provoke started out relatively lightheaded as Leeta prepares to introduce Mace to her parents for the first time. The story then introduces a fun character in the form of Tim, a colleague and friend of Leeta’s, and his cat, Marcus.

This story will have you on the edge of your seat
Even wanting to scream at them at times , shout , cry and take a time out and walk away .
I was lost in this story I read in a few hours it was a book I couldn't and wouldn't put down .
Missy Johnson well done
Once agin girl you rucked my world  in more ways than one
Give this book a go you won't be disappointed I promise .
Remember this is 18+ as hot steamy and bits young people shouldn't read .


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