Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Delisa Lynn
An embracing series

This was an arc review

First of all this is a book that you are going to love and won't be able to put down. Im in love with ( mr hot ) Evan. He is just every girls dream man if that's possible everything in one package This story is very emotional so much it kinda raw but also very sexy. The sexy parts bind this book together .I just got so into it emotionally it Sometimes Made me angry upset I wanted to jump through the book and strangle Tatum like really kill her when you read you will understand my frustration . lol.. 
The story is one of real meaning finding love your soul mate the one you need no matter what .
Tatum a girl in love with her brothers best friend ( we have all had these kinda moment I from what I remember nothing good comes from this lol)  I just didn't know what to think about her character I think we had a love , hate relationship . Overall, I would have to rate this book 5 stars! Go get this book now if your looking for an amazing LOVE STORY!
Great read well done 
5 stars 
Comfortably read 


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