Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This is the box set review .

"The Nephilim Warrior" series book 1
WOW, what an amazing book. From the first page I was riveted and had to carry on reading. It's not often I read a book that grabs me that quickly. The story is about how a woman finds out that her whole life has been a lie, she's not who or what she thought she was. She hasn't got time to adjust slowly to the news because her life is in danger. A I love that anna is a strong woman who won't put up with being told what to do and thinks for herself.
The sexual tension between her and Eli is intense and she fights it, he is there for her in every way and will do anything for her yet she still doesn't give in is there something there or not ...Now throw in Eli's brother who has hurt her family and friends  to get to her , she finds she is drawn to him why ? She finds herself stuck between these two men and she knows she has to choose just one!
This book has intrigue, betrayal, mysteryand many more emotion on this journey as it's just begun and I could not put the book down .
so the love triangle amongst all the drama in the book makes for exciting ,epic  read.

Destiny of the Female Warrior (The Nephilium)

The story was so much better this time you find yourself turning the next page thinking what is going to happen next i was so enthralled with this story I lost track of time
This book was such an easy read that time just passed .
After all that what happened in the first  book you would think KAYoung would give her a break but no (lol)
she eventually picks  a mate i think she made the right choice I would of chose him ( hubba hubba wink wink ) .but I don't think the guy she decided not to bond with will be letting this go as easy as we think !
We find out a little more about Torch (Anna's hot guard) and what a certain vampire women affect has upon him.I hoping we find out more about him as he's interesting characters story .( more their than meets they eye mmm )
When an argument with her mate leaves her alone with Elise and her mates brother and thinking everyone has turned against her, she has to deal with her destiny.With a little help from a unexpected source what happens ? Read the book to find out where this leads to .
The book does end with a shock in store for Anna but once again leaves you wanting the next book

Blood Kiss (The Nephilim Warrior Series Book 3.
In this book we meet  Julie is the sister of Anna (the queen of the nephilim )  Blood Kiss opens with Julie trying to cope with life as a everyday mom with normal family problems and an unhappy marriage. She is also missing the close relationship and friendship with the sister who has disappeared from her life after the death of her husband. Nothing is ever as it seems and poor Julie has lots of shocks in store
She is totally unaware of her sister's previously hidden ties to the supernatural world.
. I was expecting this book to be a continuation of Anna and Eli's story but was pleasantly surprised when the main characters turned out to be Julie and "the smoking hot and rebelious" Torch. OMG, ( he's mine oh mine )
Wowser and KA Young just keep throwing us with awesome males and females.
Just like Anna, Julie isn’t your sweet little girl. Julie's life is about to be turned upside down and inside out , will she take after her sister and become a kick arse die hard forget me not lady .does she let the supernatural world push her around and just lay down and take it. Strong and determined to never end up in another nightmare Julie carefully analyze her new problem once again or does she decide To run and hide and hope her sister will save the day
But there is more, Our great author have create some truly breathtaking males that will leave you breathless. First Eli and his twin Nyoka, and now we have the fierce warrior Torch to come to the rescue. Did I mention Alpha? Oh yes, Young filled this series with some awesome Alpha males!
This alone makes you need and want more ( lol)

The box set was worth every penny .
I loved this series and I've been lucky to read coven too a must .
I was very luck also I've beta read warrior redeemed omg this book will knock your socks off and make your head spin till you see stars out 29 November
This book is easily 5 hearts
Comfortably read


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