Friday, October 4, 2013

Immortal Dreams by Jennifer Sage review

Another great work by Jennifer Sage.

This book is action packed and sexy from the start. Isabel is a 22 year old student living in a small town. She is frustrated because she wants to have a relationship with someone, she wants to have sex. Unfortunately, every time things start to heat up between herself and a man, a storm comes on, literally. Lightning, wind, and even a tornado. Everything changes on the night of her 22 birthday. Isabel wakes up in a strange land. There she meets Prince Bodhe. He tells her he is Sidhe and informs her that she is also. Things get intense between them and she wakes up. Was it all a dream? Where did her pj's go? Isabel then discovers a letter from her mother. Everything Bodhe told her is true. She must choose her true love from two men, Prince Bodhe of the Sidhe or Morkain an elf, to break a curse that is tearing apart the veils between the worlds and keeping her mother in a sleeping state. She has her best friend, Amele, to help her learn about her history and new abilities. But something sinister is afoot. Someone is scheming against Isabel. Is it Bodhe or Morkain? Who is her true love? She must choose the right man to save the worlds from darkness.

I loved this book. It was fun and sexy throughout. Isabel was trying so hard to determine which man she loved and not just be swept away by foreplay. The chemistry between Isabel and Bodhe was scorching. Immortal Dreams was also filled with suspense. I think I seesawed between Bodhe and Morkain at least every chapter. At first I thought Bodhe was evil because of his arrogance. Then I'd change my mind and think Morkain was bad because he didn't expect Isabel to do anything but enjoy his touch. Then it would be Bodhe again. My goodness, this book had me guessing till the end. Overall, I loved it, can't wait for Amele's story, and recommend it to anyone that loves a great story.

Reviewed by Tracy

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