Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finding My Way by Megan Keith review

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Finding My Way is a story about three people trying to find their way in the current dating scene.  Seth is a wholesome, down to earth guy that is ready to settle down with the love of his life, as soon as he finds her.  Nick is the typical commitment phobic playboy, screwing any woman that gives him the time of day.  Emma is a woman that never participated in the dating scene, she was with her high school sweetheart for seven years.  The book starts out with Emma getting the shock that her ex-boyfriend, Josh, is seeing someone, they broke up almost a year ago.  That shock is a wake-up call for Emma.  She’s done grieving the broken relationship and ready to find someone new.  Enter Seth.  They work together.  After Emma’s wake-up call, Seth suddenly sees Emma as a woman he wants to date.  Meanwhile, Emma and Nick, a man she met at the train station, have been flirting with each other.  Nick plans to be “friends” with Emma in the hopes to get in her pants.  Nick and Emma hangout eating pizza and watching zombie movies.  Emma is worried about the attention she’s getting from the two men.  She doesn’t feel comfortable juggling them both, but her friends encourage her to just have fun. What comes next is the rollercoaster ride of Emma’s life.  What will happen?  Will Emma find her dream man in Seth or Nick?  Will Seth get his happily ever after?  Will Nick realize there’s something to the notion of true love?

I was excited to read this book.  I had it on my TBR pile for awhile.  I became skeptical when I first started reading.  The beginning seemed to focus on Emma’s relationship with her ex, Josh.  I was anxious to move on, I knew they broke up.  I wanted the good stuff.  Fortunately, the good started up pretty quickly after that.  I loved the interactions between all the characters.  It was funny when Seth and Emma would try to catch glimpses of each other at work.  Nick was also hilarious with his trying out mattresses while helping Emma shop for a new bed and acting like a zombie when they watched the zombie movie.  Seth was endearing in his dream of settling down with a family of his own.  Nick pissed me off by hooking up with one-night stands even though he was dreaming of Emma.  I felt Emma’s turmoil in trying to pick the right man for herself and her heartache when she realized she couldn’t be friends with Nick.  This book made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me want to smack Nick upside the head.  Maybe Seth and Emma too.  This book was a journey for the characters and had me wondering till the very end.  Who would be the best man for Emma?  Would it even be Seth or Nick?  Overall, I give it 5-stars.  It was easy to read, and I can’t wait to read more about the characters.

Reviewed by Tracy

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