Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lost Trucker by Rose Dewallvin Blog Tour

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Synopsis of The Lost Trucker:

Meet Faith Anne, she is 21 almost 22 years old. Small town girl from Mobile, Alabama; lost her momma at a very young age so she was raised by her coal mining father and two brothers. She is a spark of life and is as fiery as a firecracker and as gentle as a kitten. 

All she is looking for is the girl she was before she had her heart ripped out and shattered by her boyfriend of 6 years. The only logical thing she can think of is to leave, leave the small town, the comfort, her family and friends and try to find herself again. So she runs… Tells everyone not to find her that she will be fine; little does she know that someone dark and powerful would cross her path and throw her into a whole other world! 

Meet Ryder, he is 26 years old and is as beautiful looking as he is dangerous looking. He seems to have a cloud of darkness hiding over him. He has lived a hard life and lives an even harder life as a trucker. But little does he know that his world is about to crash right into Faith’s. 

Will these two be able to handle each other, will they be able to conquer each other’s demons together and come out together on the other side?
Or will Ryder remain The Lost Trucker…

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Blurb from The Lost Trucker:

“Ryder, I need to run upstairs really fast and use the little girls room. I will be back in two shakes of a monkey’s a**.” I move out of his hold on me physically and mentally. What is it about him? He said that there is something about me that is captivating, what about him? There is nothing captivating about me. He is making things up. Either way, I am not going to fall for those games, never again. I am not going to be fooled again.
I do my business and wash my hands then head back out the door to hopefully save whatever this thing tonight was going to be. “You ready now?” Ryder says as I walk back down the stairs. I walk over to the passenger side of the car and open the door.
“Yep.” I pop the P and sit my ass down in the car.
Layla owns a brand spanking new Ford Mustang; electric blue with racing strips down the middle and of course it is a drop top. The top is up this afternoon because it is starting to get cold at night here.
“Are you gonna be like this all night? I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean to be mean and nasty like I was. But I won’t apologize for throwing you over my shoulder because if it's necessary again I will do it again, and over my knee next time too.” He says while focusing on the road as we whip out of the truck stop and start down the road for the next little town where there is an amazing dive bar.
“How do you know that I will even give you a chance after what you just pulled? That was some bull**** Ryder; some nasty f*** could have taken a picture to save in their spank bank for later. Ugh, I feel nasty now. I feel like one of those girls that wonders around the lot at night.” I shudder again at the thought and I grab my hand sanitizer just for good measure.
Ryder starts laughing so hard that I think he is going to crash the car and I grab a hold of the ‘oh shit’ handle. “You….you…oh…my…god…Babe! You’re nothing close to a ‘lot lizard’. That’s some funny sh** right there. Spank bank, huh? Can I have some pictures of you for mine??” He gets the biggest and sexiest smile on his face that I have ever seen. He looks me right in the eyes and all I can do is stare back at him. I have no idea how to answer him so I just focus on the song that’s playing on the radio; it’s Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me. I reach over and turn it up a little bit more and I can feel the bass pumping in the car and it makes me feel like it would be a good night to do some drinking and dancing. I need a good night out. “Do you know how to dance, Ryder?” I say to him will focusing out the front window.
“You bet your sweet a** I know how to dance baby.” He says as he reaches over and runs his finger down my arm. I instantly get goose bumps.

Ryder's Last Run: Book two in The Trucker Saga will be out Winter 2013

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