Thursday, September 26, 2013

Immortal Reborn: Alexandria's Choice (Children of Angels #2) by Natalie D. Wilson

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Immortal Reborn: Alexandria's Choice is the second book in the Children of Angels series.  It follows Alex’s trials and tribulations as she decides to either become immortal and receive Arianna’s full powers and memories or to stay human.  If she becomes immortal, she gives up the ability to have children and will be forced to watch her human family and friends grow old and die.  However, if she stays human, she will be able to have children and will eventually grow old and die herself.  While Alex tries to make her decision, her body struggles to survive the power flowing through it from Arianna’s spirit.  As the time to choose gets closer, her body gets weaker and she must endure daily ice baths to keep her core temperature down.  The immortals she’s come to love try to help her with her decision by giving her a glimpse of the good they do.  They travel to India to visit with children that were rescued from the sex trade.  They also visit a refugee camp in the Sudan and deliver supplies and help to heal the sick.  Throughout her stay with the immortals, they show her love and loyalty.  Gaius and Jack stick by her side.

I really enjoyed this book.  I liked reading about Alexandria’s continued journey to be true to herself and not let Arianna’s spirit overwhelm her.  I was impressed with the loyalty the immortals showed and how they encouraged working together.  They could accomplish anything if they worked together.  I did get a little discouraged by the length of the book.  It seemed like Alex and Gaius were always sitting or sleeping in an ice bath, and they were always explaining events first to one group and then to another group of people so it seemed like certain events were being told more than once.  Overall, if you liked the first book, you will enjoy continuing Alex’s journey, and you will definitely want to read the next book to find out who Alex ends up with, Jack or Gaius.  I know I certainly want to know.

Reviewed by Tracy

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