Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taken by You (The Killer Next Door, #2) by Carlie Sexton - Review

** spoiler alert ** 
First scenes is Roger walking into a bar to find someone to beat the crap out of and instead he meets this hot exotic looking chick, pretty chicks name is Rose and of course Roger being all psycho thinks that it's an omen and he needs to date her. 
Roger keeps wondering around Kate's old empty apartment looking for clues...does he not realize that she knows he is psycho!?!? Roger is now stalking Kate because he can't get enough of! So roger has gone to all new lows...if he could get any lower, he found her at her job but she was hiding but now she has to quit her job. 

Kate is even more lost inside herself now, she gets a huge blow to her emotions not only last book with coming out with we secrets but now she has lost another loved. This girl has some emotions of steel! Kate's confronted with the fact that her father left when she is called and told that he has died and she needs to go home for his funeral. Kate's friends also convince kate to quit her job because of psycho boy but of course she didn't and Roger came to her work while she was working but didn't see her so she quit her job that night so now Neil has hired some Navy Seals to be with her when ever he isn't. I can understand why Kate feels lost and trapped. She can't have a life. Crazy!
We finally get a little bit more of Kate's brother and they are close only 2 years apart. He is a rock for her but not as much as Neil. I know that Kate tries not to be reliant on Neil but it seems like she is more than she gives herself credit for. Oh and to top it all off; (like Kate needs more drama!) Neil's dead wife is Kate's doppleganger! Kate found out in class that they found Marks body and instantly she freaks out blaming herself and is instantly worried about Neil. But I can honestly see why she is worried. 

Pauline runs into Darcy which is the wife of Rogers best friend.. And is warned by Darcy that there is something wrong with Roger and that is when Paulina realizes that Roger is not all there but she can't get away and now Rogers body count is like 4-5 peeps...he is a lunatic!

Only downfall so far is too many mental dialogues again and too many people to follow...but I do love how connected each character & pair is with each other. 

All in all: Carlie you did it again!! This one was better than the first and of course now I have to wait till August to find out what happens next!! Great job!! This is the perfect mixture of erotica meets suspense...if your looking to mix it up read this series!!

Favorite quote: 
From Aunt Donna: "Sweetheart, you are a wonderful young woman and I am sure that he can see just how special you are. I guess te question you need to answer is whether or not he is the one for you? Men are not complicated. Most of them really just need food and sex to be happy." 

4.5 Star Review
Reviewed by Rose

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