Monday, August 19, 2013

Hell's Gift (A 'Save My Soul' novel) by K. S. Haigwood - Review

Hell’s gift is the 2nd book in Save my Soul series. I have to say this seemed to be all over the place but it was action packed and you didn’t get lost in what was going on. You meet more characters in this book. Angels, demons, and yes Lucifer. 

I happened to read book 1 so I knew what had taken place before this book. Book 2 picked up where book 1 left of. I like a book that doesn’t have a major time gap. 

Rhyan was in such a depression over loosing Kendra.  See Kendra was tricked and she had to safe Adam’s soul in order to live. Any how she did this within a week.  Ryan wanted to help but yet he didn’t want to help. He loved Kendra and because she chose right, he was upset, depressed and threw his attitude all over Heaven. Ryan said some things that he shouldn’t have. The archangels decided he needed to meet his soul mate again. By doing this he fell to hell. He didn’t know exactly at first that is what happened though.

While in hell he had to meet his soul mate have her repent her sins and ask god for forgiveness. With her doing this she could return to Heaven with Ryhan. He met his soul mate just didn’t remember who she was at first. Abigail kicked his butt. She beat him with her whip. See while in hell Ryhan became human almost. He had his soul, he could feel pain, pleasure, his beating heart. Things he didn’t feel while in Heaven.  

As he reunited with Abigail,  with the help from angels in Heaven.  Lucifer found out and he was outraged. Lucifer wanted Abbi for himself. He didn’t want Ryhan to have her. So Lucifer agreed that if Ryhan escaped the 7 sydes of hell he could take Abbi’s soul along with his back to Heaven. Should Ryhan fail they both remained there in hell.

As Ryhan fights his way through the sydes. There is mischief going on up in Heaven and on Earth. See Murray who was Adams demon was in hell. He wanted to get Kendra back. Ryhan left Kendra to Josselyn another angel. Josselyn would go to Earth and keep an eye on Kendra and her family. Well Murray asked the Prince of Lust to check on Kendra as well. Can you guess what happened? No? well let’s say Prince of Lust fell in love and he didn’t know why. 

Ryhan fights his way through the 7 sydes. He has help from angels. Not going to name  many. Like I said you are introduced to a handful of characters and each character has a story with a character in Hell. To me it seemed like most of the Angels soul mates were in hell and were the Prince or Princess of a syde. Although like Prince Lust he didn’t know who his soul mate was until it was to late. I was on the edge of me seat from the middle of this book. I didn’t want to put it down. There was lots of action. It is very detailed. Seems like the author sat down and researched the sydes of hell or something LOL!! But really I could go on and on about this book. I don’t want to give to much away and I want to tell you more. I read some reviews and they didn’t read book 1 before reading book 2. The author gave details about what happened in book 1. Which is true as well. But if your like me I like to read books in order. There are about 6-7 new characters. You have to read which character your reading. Pay close attention. If you don’t you will be lost for a minute or so. I would most defiantly recommend this book.

5 Stars
Reviewed by Irene
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