Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hated (Rock Star Trilogy #3) by Mercy Amare -Review

** spoiler alert ** All that I have to say is amazing! I have loved this roller-coaster that Scarlett and her whole group of groupies has gone through. 

I love that you follow Scar & Stephan through the first year of marriage. It's just amazing! There were times that I thought I could kill Alec and Bridge, but there were times that I actually laughed out loud. It's not very often that I do that in books. 
Without giving too much away I will say that Mercy did an AMAZING job at closing out this series. You aren't really left wondering what happened to anyone. Loved it!! And as always you rocked my socks!! <3 

5 star!!! Everyone needs to read it ;)

Review by Angie (Beta-Read this book)

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