Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fallen for You (The Killer Next Door, #1) by Carlie Sexton - Review

** spoiler alert ** 

Well, I will say that this book too a little bit to get into. I had to keep putting it down and coming back to it. It was a good book and I would LOVE to read the second one because the book took me away right at the end. 

Roger is a very handsome but very creepy 38 year old manager of an apartment complex and he ends up talking to Kate about renting a place to her and her friend but somehow some way Roger has fallen head over heels for Kate and he has never even met her! Talk about crazy!! Throughout the whole book, you keep going back to Roger and what Roger is thinking. It was really hard to connect with Roger because he was just so wow and so out there. I mean he is sleeping with his girlfriend, Rose, while he is with her he is having this secret relationship in his head with Kate. But Kate doesn’t even really know that Roger exists. So, Rogers character is very out there and is creepy right from page one! 

Quote from Roger: He imagined that Rose was Kate as he devoured her mouth with his. 

That right there is just insane! And just a little nutsoid! 

Kate is this lost soul of a girl that is drop dead gorgeous - but just like most females in books she doesn't realize this and then she finds herself stuck between two drop dead sexy guys that want her. She has had a terrible past and two huge things happened in it so it has made her so guarded and has kept her sheltered from guys in general. So when she goes back to college and is slapped in the face by a hot co-ed she doesn’t know if she should be attracted OR run the other way! Kate also decides to try and meet up with an alumnus from her college to get to know the school and activates better. Well, she is stood up which pisses her off! But little does she know that she is going to be chased down by the most handsome man that she has ever seen!

Quote from Kate: “Mm,” she moaned softly. “Last night was the best dessert I have ever had. I especially enjoyed how you served it to me.”

So I do love the fact that the book does mature a little bit along with the book… 

The only thing that truly bugged me about this book is it kind of felt a little all over the place. It was told thru the eyes of a third party but it followed basically every character in the book. It tended to change from moment to moment. So that bugged me but other than that I think this book was a great suspenseful erotica and I would love to read the second book. 

And congrats to Carlie =) 

4.5 Star Review
Reviewed by Rose

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